Customer Retention

Retention + Recurrence + Referral = Revenue

Our Customer Retention Program, is a turnkey solution for business growth and customer retention. Developed specifically for Restaurants to track promotion’s ROI, manage contacts and deliver results.

Below is a brief overview of our Customer Retention Program. Please visit Growth Now for a detailed explanation of these services and how this program can help your business grow. Customer Retention plans start out at $350.

Customer Retention Website

Here are 4 of the steps we use to manage your Customer Retention Program:

Step 1

1. A customer registration card is designed specifically for your business. Customer information is then gathered to promote future business. Growth Now VIC Card

Step 2

2. A unique online data entry form is developed for your business. Simply enter the contact information collected from the registration forms and it will be organized and stored in a secure central database. Growth Now VIC Entry Website

Step 3

3. An e-mail newsletter or coupon template is customized to emulate the look, feel and message of your existing brand. Promotional content will be written and formatted into your customized template and sent to your growing customer contact database. Growth Now Marketing Custom E-mail

Step 4

4. Analytic reports are generated to track trends of open rates, links clicked and promotions utilized. By tracking trends we are able to refocus promotions and content to be the most effective for your customer base. Our marketing analysis will lead to your increased revenue. Growth Now Marketing Analytics

Customer Retention

A typical company receives around 65% of its business from existing customers. Satisfying and retaining current customers is 3 to 10 times cheaper than acquiring new customers.
– Wall Street Journal

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