Campaign Management

Strategic and effective marketing

Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing.
–John D. Rockefeller

Social Media Design & Management

With over 500 million unique users and growing on Facebook alone, social networks have a captive audience with great marketing potential. Brands like Ford, Starbucks and Nike have recognized the possibilities and have heavily invested into capturing the attention of these users. Growth Now has several tactics to develop and broadcast your business profile across these media channels to offer your brand major exposure.

Copywriting & Web Copy

Copywriting can be used to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. Good copywriting will allow you to sell just about anything using print. This technique is used to sell your business and build your persona on the internet through advertisements, linked content, or media attention.

Press Release Composition & Distribution

A press release is a great way to attract favorable media attention. Press releases can be used to announce a range of news items such as: scheduled events, personal promotions, awards, accomplishments, new products and services.

Newsletter Composition & Distribution

A company newsletter is a great way to establish consistent contact with your customers and keep your business fresh in their mind. Statistics show that retaining customers is considerably cheaper than acquiring new ones. Creating repeat and referred business through promotion and incentives is key to a steady revenue stream.

Print Advertisement Design & Management

Eye catching creative print advertisements is the goal for business advertising. You pay a premium for ad placement, so you need to receive the most attention possible. Growth Now Marketing can design a great print ad for your company and also manage the placement of that ad, so you get the maximum return on your print ad investment.

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